BO Network Use Cases
How can business use BO Network ?

Game Tournament

  1. Gamers buy BO Network token in order to exchange to in game pint to buy tournament entrance pass or buy/sell in the market place.
  2. Gamers use pass to participate in the tournament which is stream live for viewers to watch.
  3. Winners of tournament and randomly selected viewer(s) will receive prizes.
  4. The prize can then be redeem to cryptocurrencies through BO Network.


A. BO Network facilitate individual to buy insurance anonymously and cash-in/cash-out in any country.

  • Fund is exchange to TUSD (or any stable coin) through cryptocurrency exchange and transfer to BO Network.
  • BO Network then anonymize the TUSD to ZUSD and send the fund to the instructed insurance.
  • The insurance companies can take ZUSD as policies premium and issued coverage to customers in fiat money for Term insurance.
  • For Universal Life and Unit Link policies the insurance company can cash-out through exchange for investment or invest in B. below.
  • On cash-out, insurance can send the fund through BO Network to the recipient which can then be turn to any stable coin and cash-out through exchange.

B. BO Network can connect insurance investment to blockchain investment engine such as iStox or T0 as well as cryptocurrency funds.

  • Insurance company can use ZUSD to invest in blockchain power stock market services.
  • Insurance can invest the fund in any countries through ZUSD.
  • Fund can be cash-out through network in A.